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Job responsibilities:

1.Responsible forproduct marketing channel development and sales, implementation and completionof the company's annual sales plan.

2.Keep goodcommunication with customers and grasp customer needs in real time. Providecustomers with initiative, enthusiasm, satisfaction, and thoughtful service.

3.According to thecompany's products, prices and market strategies, the company willindependently deal with inquiries, quotations, negotiation of contract terms andsigning of contracts.

4.Grasp the marketprice, regularly provide the company with market analysis and forecast reportand personal weekly work report.

job requirements:

1.College degree or above, 22-35 years old;

2.Three years or more of marketing experience, with experiencein communications, mobile phone, Internet of Things industry is preferred;

3.Have good market judgment ability and development ability,good at communication and coordination, and actively develop new customers;

4.Responsible, can withstand greater work pressure, and can beresponsible for final sales targets;

5.Strong teamwork spirit.

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